Stewart Island

Stewart Island

Take a step back in time to a simpler, slower lifestyle; where birdsong and crashing waves are a constant reminder of the natural world around us. Stewart Island is a unique New Zealand treasure just waiting to be discovered!

Stewart Island, so unexpectedly, completely captured my heart” – that was how a recent guest described their visit to New Zealand’s third largest island. So often overlooked, just 30km across the Foveaux Strait from Bluff, this tiny paradise represents the last piece of New Zealand’s third island is remote and untamed, the last piece of modern civilization before you hit Antarctica. The Island’s Maori name, Rakiura, means “glowing skies” which is a reference to the Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) which can sometimes be seen from the island, just one more reason to visit.


Stewart Island is also a bird watcher’s paradise, it teems with many of New Zealand’s native and endangered species – kiwi outnumber humans by 50 to 1. The Stewart Island Brown Kiwi – or Tokoeka – is active during the day and night, with numbers estimated at 20,000.

Local Lux Selected Experiences

Ulva’s Guided Walks


If you’re visiting Stewart Island, if you want to experience and explore the amazing and unique wildlife, Ulva Goodwille and her guiding team are the very best.  Ulva has an enviable reputation for excellence recognised both locally and internationally – they have hosted many film crews and nature/wildlife documentaries. The documentary for World Environment Day in New Zealand, was marketed with Stewart and Ulva Island as best examples of environmental ethics; it was released worldwide.


Ulva bears the name of the lovely island sanctuary situated in Waka o Te Wera (Paterson Inlet, Stewart Island), also the wildlife sanctuary of Ulva Isle in the Hebrides of Scotland, just off Mull and very near to Iona.  A highlight of her walking programme is a leisurely ramble which introduces visitors to Ulva Island’s history, scenery and spectacular birdlife. Ulva was also part of the team instrumental in translocating and releasing of rare and endangered robins and rifleman to Ulva Island Bird Sanctuary and in October 2013.


All Ulva’s Guided Walks guides live and work on Stewart Island. Their local knowledge; flora and fauna, bird and wildlife expertise are some of the many reasons why guests have such a good time.


What better introduction to Rakiura Stewart Island could you wish for than a guided walk with Stewart Islanders who have a specialised insider knowledge of Ulva Island Bird Sanctuary?